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The Mendler


We are so excited to be bringing the first Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Store to Rochester!  Renee and my infatuation with frozen yogurt began about a year ago while on vacation in Florida.  A friend suggested we try the new frozen yogurt store instead of our traditional, “going out for ice cream.”  He said, “I promise it tastes better than ice cream and it is MUCH healthier!”  


One visit and we were hooked. Renee went for lunch the next day and both of us for dessert every night the rest of our vacation.  Wow.  A product that tastes better than ice cream, we can serve ourselves, and it is actually good for us?  How is this possible?  We have to bring this to Rochester!  Yolickity promises to serve the absolute highest quality yogurt, fresh fruit, and toppings.   We will do so in a fun, family-friendly environment.


We are truly a locally owned business.  Brian grew up in Rochester, went to high school here, and college at Fredonia.  Renee also grew up in Rochester, went to high school here and college at Geneseo.  Almost all of our siblings and their families live in the area as well.  


Brian & Renee Mendler

We try to eat healthy but refuse to sacrifice taste.  If it does not taste good we don’t want it!   The health benefits of frozen yogurt are many…but honestly, we were skeptical about the quality.  Can it really taste better than ice cream?  What we learned is
that not all frozen yogurt is the same.  Some tasted much better than others. So, we set out to find the frozen yogurt that hooked Brian and Renee. 


After nearly two years of hard work we found the best tasting, highest quality, healthiest product.  If you do not believe us come in and taste any of our 18 flavors.  Free tastes are always available!   


It is very possible you will always see at least one of us in the store.  Please say hello.  We look forward to serving you for years to come.



Jon & Tricia Crabbe 

The Crabbe


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